back to the present, when we were working towards the future


Ok, so its time to get back to where we were when we left off at last month to indulge in our annual reading binge. Like most binge-behavior, it started off harmless enough, but then we let our guard down, and now……and now just look at us -we’re unshaven, we’re tired, no, exhausted. But truthfully we also feel kind of good, actually we feel really good: after all, isn’t it all a matter of becoming what you ingest, or rather ingesting what you want to become, and then using these conceptual nutrients towards its ongoing fulfillment of the subjective project whose object you are?

What did we imbibe that left us so inebriated? Don’t worry about it. That doesn’t matter now, it may be known in time. All that matters right now is that we know its time to get back to “it”, which we now will, and will with renewed vigor at that -with that renewed and healthy strength, that clean energy, that bodily-optimism one so easily exudes when the immune system has recently conquered a bad bout of the winter flu (i.e. not just any flu, but that special flu whereby, ten days into it, one has forgotten “what it feels like to feel good”). We always emerge from that flu with, first a smaller quantity of qualitatively stronger energy (Pareto optimality qua energy), but gradually seek to build up the quantity without diminishing its quality (rejecting Pareto optimality in favor of the wager of nomadic distribution). That is where we are now: from sedentary optimality on towards nomadic distribution.

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