Outline of Part IV of On Dromocracy

Outline of Part IV. Elements of Nomadic Distribution observed in Chapter Twelve



I. Technological Issue. Interminable Deterritorialization (Continuous Recalibration)

1. Interminable Deterritorialization

2. Optionality

3. The Greeks

4. Implied Volatility

II. Institutional Issue. Double Deterritorialization, or Numbering Number

(Exotic Options & a Universal Synthetic CDO)

1. Numbering Number

2. Strange Attractors

3. Clusters of Exotic Options (CEOs)

4. Universal Synthetic CDO (USCDO)

5. Introduction to a H20fall Economy

III. Behavioral Issue. Phase Singularities, Attractors & Affects (H20fall Economy)

1. Operators

2. Phase Singularities


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