News & Events

January-March 2014

Fall term is starting up. Lozano’s courses can be found here and here. This year Lozano is asking the question of the politics of difference, and as always, investigating nomadic distribution: but this year he’s pursuing these questions through inauguration of the question of the nonadditive viability of a fully-equitable waterfall economy.


  August 2013

The 5th Critical Finance Studies conference is being held at Stockholm University School of Business on 14-16 August 2013. SpecMat will be represented there, and is interested to talk with and learn more about CFS’s interest in Richard Serra.

June-August 2013

The ongoing Lives of Concepts of Finance project is accepting an initial round of submissions. For inquiries and concerning yourself, or if you would like to contribute, please email

El Liss
do not assume the movement of the spiraling vortex of chaos is violent

June 2013

The Cultures of Finance working group just finished up their summer workshop (, which was both compelling and productive. SpecMat was well represented there. And for our part, out of the 12 or so days of intensive discussions with several of the workshop participants was born the Lives of Concepts of Finance project.  There is so much more to say about the COF workshop -but as Lacan once perspicaciously observed: I always tell the truth, but not the whole truth, because the whole truth is simply too big to say.


March 2013

Each year The Bruce Initiative on Rethinking Capitalism offers a research seminar, titled Materialism and Financial Markets.The course is taught by Benjamin Lozano, is listed in the History of Consciousness department at UC Santa Cruz, and culminates in a student-conducted conference.

Here is the itinerary for this year’s panels.

3rd Annual Materialism & Financial Markets Conference (2013)

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