Hello. Welcome to Speculative Materialism.

This is a forum for the study of the materialism and ontology of finance.

Otherwise obvious questions –of what is speculative materialism, or of how one knows whether one is or is not a speculative materialist, and so on– are both unimportant but also in truth quite simple to address. But the better question for a speculative materialist to ask is perhaps this: The practice of studying the materialism and ontology of finance –what is this practice to be called? Let us call it speculative materialism. To be doing this is to be doing speculative materialism. And anyone who does this is practicing speculative materialism, and is therefore a speculative materialist.

Feel free to come do speculative materialism with us, and therein become a speculate materialist today.

SpecMat Management

Literal representation of the practice of speculative materialism

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