Lives of Concepts of Finance

speculative materialists working on Lives of Concepts of Finance

The Lives of the Concepts of Finance is an ongoing SpecMat project to define, exposit, and otherwise elaborate concepts of finance. The key to this project is that there is first a concept of finance -e.g. debt, derivatives, money, liquidity, and so on– but that different SpecMat contributors provide different explications of their own understandings of the respective concept. For each concept there may be any number of short or lengthy elaborations, as a respective contributor understands a respective concept, based on her field of study, experience with it, and so on. Hence each concept of finance will, so to speak, be leading different lives at different times and places. In other words, this project is a practical illustration that any given concept is virtually a repetition of the same concept, but in actuality will be quite different.

Concepts of Finance

Cash Flow

Entry One. Benjamin Lozano (2013)



Entry One. Andreas Andrikopoulos (2013)

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